APHIS Online support

What is APHIS Online?

Using APHIS Online you can:

  • register cattle births, deaths and stillborns
  • produce movement notification of cattle moving off your herd to market, abattoir or farm
  • confirm cattle movements into your herd
  • use APHIS as your herd book
  • view and download your herd list including information about your animals DAERA statuses, TB & Br test results and export eligibility
  • view movement and progeny history of every animal in your herd
  • view post and ante mortem details of slaughtered animals
  • produce a report to count and classify your animals in accordance with the Nitrate Action Programme

Why should you use APHIS Online?

  • secure - access to your data is protected by Government Gateway security
  • quick - all your registrations are completed with immediate effect
  • less errors - your data is checked for errors before registration
  • free - there is no charge to use APHIS Online

How do I get access to APHIS Online?

To use APHIS Online you must register/log in to DAERA Online Services by clicking on the link below and following the on-screen instructions.

APHIS online training in your area - book now!

To help you move from the traditional paper forms to the online system we are offering farmers free training on APHIS Online at local venues across Northern Ireland. During the training course we will help you logon to APHIS Online to view your own herd details and we will show you all the benefits that APHIS Online has to offer such as how to:

  • register cattle births, deaths and stillborns
  • notify DAERA of all cattle movements out of and into your herd
  • view, print and download your current DAERA herd list
  • view detailed information about your animals, including comprehensive movement and calving history
  • view post and ante mortem information on slaughtered animals
  • produce a report which counts and classifies your animals in accordance with the Nitrate Action Programme
  • check all your registrations for mistakes. APHIS Online will let you know if there are any problems

Aphis Online training events scheduled for September are:

Location Evening 1 (7:30-9:30pm) Evening 2 (7:30-9:30pm)
Loughry Campus, Cookstown Mon 17 September Mon 24 September
Greenmount Campus, Antrim Tue 18 September Tues 25 September
Enniskillen Campus, Enniskillen Wed 19 September Wed 26 September
Greenmount Campus, Antrim Thur 4 October Thur 11 October
Loughry Campus, Cookstown Mon 15 October Mon 22 October
Enniskillen Campus, Enniskillen Tue 30 October Tue 6 November
Greenmount Campus, Antrim Wed 14 November Wed 21 November

If you wish to attend an APHIS online training course, please enrol using the CAFRE course enrolment system and fill in your details. However if you want to know more information or would like to book your place on a course by telephone, contact the DAERA Online Services Helpdesk on 028 9442 6699 or email onlineservices@daera-ni.gov.uk

Training videos

The range of videos below will assist you in completing tasks using APHIS Online.

Births/Deaths (MC1)

Bovine birth notification

Bovine death notification

Movements (MC2)

Notify an intention to move off your herd to an abattoir/market

Update an intention to move document

Buyer confirmation

Herd List

Request and view your Point In Time Herd List

Animal Health

View post and ante mortem information


View the Nitrates Stock Count report

View the animal movement report  

Coming soon:

  • Viewing your bovine herd list

Frequently asked questions

What browsers are supported?

To use the Aphis Online Service you will need one of the following supported web browsers.

Windows supported browsers

  • Google Chrome (latest major version)
  • Internet Explorer (Version 11)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest major version)

MAC supported browsers

  • Google Chrome (latest major version)
  • Safari (latest major version)

Portable device (tablets and smart phones) supported browsers

  • Safari and Google Chrome on iOS (latest and previous major version)
  • Google Chrome on Android (latest major version)

Why does the APHIS mobile app no longer work?

All the aphis functions are now available via your mobile browser. The old Aphis Mobile app no longer provides any additional function.

Use your internet browser (Safari, Chrome or firefox) on your smartphone or tablet. Go to our login page and login as normal and choose APHIS online.

For added convenience, you can create a shortcut icon on your home screen and access DAERA online services just like opening an App.  Below are short video demonstrations on how to do this on iOS and Android devices.

How do I print/download from the new APHIS system?

If you wish to use the download and print functions within the APHIS online system you must allow pop-ups for the DAERA Online Services site www2.dardni.gov.uk.  If you are unsure how to do this a quick search online for the specific internet browser you are using (e.g  Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Safari)  will explain how to do this, alternatively contact the DAERA Online Services team on 028 9442 6699

Further information

If you have any questions about APHIS Online, please contact the DAERA Online Services Helpdesk on 028 9442 6699 or email onlineservices@daera-ni.gov.uk

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