Area-based schemes 2021 guidance and forms

Information on the area-based schemes for 2021

Information on the area-based schemes for 2021

2021 Single Application

Preliminary administrative check letters have been issued to some customers who completed 2021 Single Applications this year. Customers, or their Agents, must provide the requested information by the return date on their letters to avoid any financial penalties. If you have received a letter ACT NOW to ensure your farm payment is not delayed.

Single application 2021 key dates

How to complete your EFS claim online - Addendum to how to complete your Single Application online

Basic Payment Scheme

Guide to the Basic Payment Scheme (inc. Protein Crops Scheme)

Protein Crops Scheme – Questions and Answers

Single Application and Maps nomination of authorised person form


Young Farmers' Payment/Regional Reserve

Guide to Young Farmers' Payment / Regional Reserve

Young Farmers' Payment / Regional Reserve Form

Young Farmers' Payment / Regional Reserve Q&A

Active Farmer

Active Farmer Questions and Answers


TE1 : actual inheritance and anticipated inheritance forms

Guide to the Transfer of BPS Entitlements

Cross Compliance

Cross compliance information

Business Change

Business change forms

Guide to Business Change

Land Eligibility

Guide to Land Eligibility

Force Majeure and Exceptional Circumstances

Form FML1 : Force Majeure and Exceptional Circumstances

Identification Numbers

DAERA Identification numbers for business customers herds and flocks

Establishing a Farm Business with DAERA

Form FB1 – Farm Business Identifier Application

Form FB3 - Covid-19 -  Application for DAERA Business Identifier (Non grant or subsidy claiming farm business)

Farm Business Identifier Application Q&A

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