Authorisation of aquaculture production business

Under the Aquatic Animal Health Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2009, as amended, aquaculture production businesses must be authorised by DAERA.

In addition, fish farms in Northern Ireland are required to hold a valid fish culture licence.

APBs will normally include the following:

  • finfish farms;
  • shellfish farms;
  • crustacean farms;
  • shellfish dispatch centres;
  • shellfish purification centres;
  • establishments processing aquaculture animals for disease control purposes;
  • premises holding ornamental aquatic animals with direct contact with natural waters; and
  • any other installations holding aquaculture animals other than those installations which are required to be registered.

The Public register of APBs can be found at the following link:  

Biosecurity plan

A biosecurity plan must  be submitted with all applications for authorisation. DAERA has produced a biosecurity measure plan checklist to provide some guidelines on the issues that need to be addressed in the documented biosecurity plan for your fish farm

Further information on biosecurity plans can be obtained by contacting the Fish Health Inspectorate:

Tel: 028 4461 8089

Registration of put and take fisheries and non-commercial installations

The Aquatic Animal Health Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2009, as amended, provide that any fisheries stocked with aquaculture animals for angling purposes only (in effect, put and take fisheries) and other aquaculture production businesses in which aquatic animals are kept with no intention of placing them on the market (in effect, non-commercial installations) must be registered with DAERA rather than authorised. 

Applications for authorisation or registration

It is an offence to operate an aquaculture production business without a valid authorisation, or to operate an unregistered put and take fishery or non-commercial installation.

Applications should be made to DAERA by completing the appropriate form as detailed below::

Guidance on applications for authorisation or registration of aquaculture production has been produced by DAERA.

If you are not clear as to whether your business is required to be authorised or registered you should seek advice from the Fish HealthInspectorate at or at 028 44 618089.

Requirement to hold a fish culture licence

In addition to the requirement to hold a valid authorisation or registration, fish farms in Northern Ireland are required to hold a valid Fish Culture Licence issued under Section 11 of the Fisheries Act (Northern Ireland) 1966.

A guide to the fish culture licensing process and fish culture application can be found at the link below.


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