Authorised Veterinary Inspectors

Authorised Veterinary Inspectors (AVIs) are private veterinary surgeons, practising in Northern Ireland, authorised by the Department to carry out export certification duties on its behalf.

Duties carried out

A private veterinary surgeon cannot carry out any export functions until they are authorised as an AVI.  At present the scope of AVI authorisation includes the following range of export certification duties:

  • export of ruminating animals and swine
  • export of cats, dogs and certain other mammals
  • export of equine animals
  • export of semen embryos
  • export of birds, poultry and hatching eggs
  • export of certain animal products/by-products
  • export of materials (including skins and hides)
  • export of laboratory animals
  • export of zoo animals
  • export of table eggs to third countries (only by those AVIs who have attended the additional training related to the export of products of animal origin to the EU)

AVIs may apply for additional approval for export certification of products of animal origin for human consumption to the European Union (EU) should this type of certification become necessary after the UK leaves the EU.  Please contact for more information about this.

Conditions for authorisation

To satisfy the conditions of authorisation as an AVI, a person must:

  • be a UK Practising or Southern Irish member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, practising in Northern Ireland
  • satisfy the Department that he/she is aligned with an established practice of which at least one of the Principals is an authorised AVI
  • confirm that they satisfy the RCVS requirement in the Guide to Professional Conduct to have sufficient insurance indemnity for the work they undertake
  • attend and satisfactorily complete the appropriate training courses and exercises, as required for initial authorisation and for maintenance of authorisation.

Applying to become an AVI

Please follow the link below to access an AVI application form:

Finding an AVI

If you require the services of an AVI for export certification purposes please use the A-Z list of Northern Ireland Veterinary Practices which have AVIs associated with their practices. You should contact your preferred practice(s) and discuss with them directly your certification requirements.

Keeping Up To Date

Follow this link to view the updates and briefing notes issued to AVIs;

AVI Updates and Briefing Notes

Date Published


14/09/2020 TC Easements DAERA Advisory Note to AVIs Update V7


TC Easements DAERA Advisory Note to AVIs Update v6


TC Easements DAERA Advisory Note to AVIs Update v5


TC Easements DAERA Advisory Note to AVIs Update v4


TC Easements DAERA Advisory Note to AVIs Update v3


TC Easements DAERA Advisory Note to AVIs Update v2


TC Easements and Electronic transmission of GB EU certificates


Update to PVPs China Pig Farm Assurances

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