Brexit transition questions and answers related to Aquaculture

Questions from 8 December EU Exit Stakeholder event

The following questions are from the second EU Exit Stakeholder event on 8 December 2020.

Please confirm that NI Aquaculture will continue to operate as a separate zone as before?

Post transition Northern Ireland will follow the same EU rules as before.

What certs do we need to import live fish and fish products from GB to NI, EU to NI and RoW to NI?


The following link provides specific details on moving live fish and fish products from GB-NI;


The following link provides specific details on moving live fish and fish products from EU-NI;

Rest of world-NI

This will be business as Usual.

Do we need catch certs if buying fish fillets from a producer in Scotland or will an export health certificate suffice?

Both a Catch Certificate & an Export Health Certificate will be required.  The following link provides specific details;

Who is responsible for obtaining a catch certificate for fish landed in NI but being exported to the EU from a GB facility. Is it the NI fisher or GB exporter?

Notification on TRACES-NT will be the responsibility of the Importer/agent of the importing Country under Article 15 of Regulation (EC)2017/625.  The operator responsible (EU importer) for the consignment entering the Union, must ensure that all the required documentation is in place (Export Health Certificate and Catch Certificate).  Although there is unfettered access between NI and GB, the NI fisher must ensure that their fisheries management obligations are inputted to the appropriate databases, this will allow an Exporter to produce a Catch Certificate for the landings of the said vessel.

Is there any plan for having a webinar specifically aimed at moving fish from NI to GB and EU?

Yes, a Webinar is planned for Wednesday 16th at 2pm that will be covering this subject. I would also encourage you to monitor the Fisheries pages on the DAERA website. If you have not already done so, you can register to be kept up to date with the latest information by being added to our stakeholder lists via our mailbox at

Additional up-to-date guidance can also be found at the following links:

Questions from 23 November EU Exit Stakeholder event

The following questions are from the first EU Exit Stakeholder event on 23 November 2020.

Should I expect any changes to Northern Ireland to EU (including ROI) trade, for both imports and exports?

Trade in goods (Imports and Exports) between Northern Ireland and the EU Member States (including ROI), will continue unaffected, with no change at the border, no new paperwork, and no tariffs or regulatory checks. This trade will continue to use current Intratrade (internal EU) Export Health Certificates (EHCs).

NI will continue to have access to EU's online TRACES system (for imports and exports) as an EU entity, therefore for Day 1, you should ensure you are registered to use TRACES NT.

Will movements of live fish from NI to GB require any new checks, processes or approvals?

There will be unfettered access for all NI to GB movements and no changes to notifications and method of certification.

Can I export to EU member states through GB landbridge?

The implications for this trade are still subject to EU/UK negotiations and further information will be made available, once known.

What will be required for a GB movement to NI?

Consignments from GB to NI will require the importer to notify DAERA of the proposed movement via TRACES NT a minimum of 24hrs before arrival to a Northern Ireland port. All consignments must be accompanied by an Export Health Certificate signed by the Competent Authority (Cefas in England and Wales, or Marine Scotland). All consignments arriving in Northern Ireland must enter through a designated Point of Entry (POE) which will be Belfast and Larne ports.  All consignments of live fish arriving in Northern Ireland from GB will be subject to physical inspection. 

What will happen with Rest of the World Trade via GB to Northern Ireland post transition?

There will be no airport in Northern Ireland designated as a live fish Point of Entry (POE).  Therefore imports from the Rest of the World to Northern Ireland via a GB airport will have to clear through a GB Border Control Post (BCP). The consignment will then have to be recertified by the Competent Authority in GB. The consignment will then have to enter Northern Ireland through a POE designated for live fish (Belfast or Larne ports).


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