Brexit transition Q&As - TRACES.NT and Groupage

Questions related to EU Exit and TRACES.NT or Groupage.


Can a Vet signing the monthly Support Attestations (SA) under GEFS (Groupage Export Facilitation Scheme) use Food Business Operator (FBO) declarations as supporting documentation for their certification without any further Vet certification (B2B is not covered by GEFS so there is a gap here that we do not know how to complete)?

You will need to ask this of the certifying vet to establish what supporting evidence they need.

For further information on GEFS please see Exporting Food Products of Animal Origin and Animal By Products to GB.

We need to start deliveries under a Delivered Duty Paid incoterm to customers in NI, which we know means we will need to complete TRACES in NI.  How do we do this given that we do not have an address in NI please?

Regulation 17.15 2019 - requires the person creating a CHED to be a legal or natural person in a Member State. So the ability to create a CHED in GB has been removed by the Commission. You will need an EU address (it does not have to be an NI address) or must have someone with an NI address that you can link to, eg, your company name linked to a distribution centre in NI.


What is being done by DAERA to sort out the Groupage issues?

DAERA has been engaged in intensive dialogue with the haulage industry to ensure goods can gain entry to NI. DAERA are aware of issues Hauliers are experiencing and are working together to find solutions.

DAERA & Defra are working closely with the haulage industry to find solutions to mitigate issues. Industry is not uniform, there are different sizes of companies with different delivery models and so a "one size fits all" solution will not be possible but DAERA are working to assist industry to find mitigations.

Is DAERA NI accepting Health Certificates with multi commodities - groupage loads?

An EHC is required for each consignment which is all of the product that can be certified on that particular certificate so, eg, pork on one certificate; dairy product on another, plant material on another but all of the product that can be certified on one cert from one departure point to one destination so it is quite possible on a groupage scenario that you will require multiple EHCs to get all the various types of product through the point of entry and cannot be covered under the one certificate unless they fall under the remit of the Authorised Trader retail scheme.


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