Compliance Protocol

DAERA has developed an updated Compliance Protocol to help businesses navigate the new procedures that have been in place since 1 January 2021.

Ports and points of entry

The overall aim of the Compliance Protocol is the prevention or reduction of harm, caused by non-compliance with the statutory requirements for checks on SPS regulated goods.

The compliance protocol sets out the procedures for dealing with all SPS consignments entering NI from GB, including those that fall into the retail and prohibitions & restrictions categories. It explains how traders will be expected to move towards full compliance with Official Controls Regulation (OCR) over a period of time and details how stricter measures for dealing with non-compliant consignments will be phased in over this timeframe.

Further information can be found here and read our Top Tips to help ensure consignment compliance.

To help businesses and citizens navigate the new procedures and ensure compliance we have developed step by step commodity guidance.  These guides are available via the links below:

Other Useful Information

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