Contractual/Export agreement (litter/manure utilization plan)

Guidance on the information required for a contractual agreement regarding litter/manure

If manure/slurry/litter is to be exported from a farm and imported onto another farm or to another operation (e.g. Anaerobic Digester) to be processed /utilised, we require written confirmation from the owner of the nominated sites confirming they will accept the additional manure/slurry/litter full details of the contractual agreement should be provided.

The contractual agreement should:

  • Identify the individual parties concerned
  • The place of origin of the livestock manure
  • The final destination of the livestock manure
  • The type of livestock manure concerned
  • The volume of livestock manure concerned
  • The length of term of the contract

The contract should clearly demonstrate a written commitment by both parties and their obligations for the movement and control of the manure/slurry/litter. It should be signed by both parties and clearly state that they are sending / accepting the litter.  It is not acceptable to state that they could send / accept. The tonnage of manure/slurry/litter should also be clearly identified.

For all export agreements/contracts where the recipient is located in the Republic of Ireland confirmation is required from Teagasc that the recipient is a bona fide farmer with the capability to utilise the poultry manure/slurry/litter from this development at the location stated. Should export be proposed to another country then confirmation will be required from the equivalent organisation in that country.

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