Cross-Departmental Working Group on Climate Change

In May 2010 the Northern Ireland Executive approved a proposal by the Minister for the Environment to establish what was then known as the Cross-Departmental Working Group on Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Working group established 

The initial focus of the group was on  climate change mitigation (i.e. dealing with the causes of climate change).  The group, however, recommended that its remit should be expanded to encompass climate change adaptation (i.e. dealing with the consequences of climate change) and other cross-cutting issues.  The Executive agreed and also that a sub-group of departmental analysts (statisticians, economists etc) be established to support the group.

Terms of reference

The group was then reconstituted as the Cross-Departmental Working Group on Climate Change with the following terms of reference:

  • to review cross-departmental action on climate change on an annual basis, to ensure we remain on target to deliver the greenhouse gas emissions reduction target set out in the NI Executive Programme for Government and to meet the requirements of the UK Climate Change Act 2008 
  • to support the preparation of an assessment of the risks to the United Kingdom of the current and predicted impacts of climate change
  • to prepare and deliver a cross-departmental adaptation programme on climate change
  • to make recommendations and/or decisions on wider climate change mitigation and adaptation issues as appropriate
  • to report to the Executive annually on performance –

Annual report

The latest annual progress report can be viewed on the following page:

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