Mobile applications (apps) are software programmes which can be downloaded and used on an appropriate Smartphone. DAERAave developed a number of apps which can be used by farmers in Northern Ireland to comply with regulations, reduce red tape, and simplify management decisions. The apps are free to download and use. The apps that are currently available are detailed below. To install the app on your smartphone, visit the appropriate application link or scan the application QR tag.

APHIS Mobile (iOS, Android 2.3.3+ and Windows Phone)

APHIS (Animal Public Health and Information System) Online mobile gives farmers in Northern Ireland access to their cattle herd information stored on DAERA’s APHIS system.

APHIS Online mobile allows users to:

  • view their current cattle herd list, including all DAERA statuses and latest TB and Br test results
  • submit new calf birth registrations
  • complete all death registrations and confirmation, including calf deaths
  • complete buyer confirmations
  • view animal movement details

Users registering births and deaths with APHIS Online mobile do not have to submit MC1 paper registrations to DAERA. The service is free to use but requires the user to register a Government Gateway account with DAERA.

Download APHIS Mobile direct to your:

APHIS Mobile app instruction manual

About the APHIS Mobile app

Nitrogen loading Calculator (iPhone, Android)

This calculator is designed to help you manage your farm in relation to the nitrogen loading limit of the nitrates regulations. The nitrogen loading limit for most farms is 170 kg N/ha and this is in effect a stocking rate limit.
By entering the numbers of livestock you have and the land area that you farm you can check if you are below the 170kg N/ha/year limit or if operating under derogation below the 250kg N/ha/year limit.

The calculator is easy to use, available 24 hours per day, secure and confidential.

Nitrogen Loading Calculator app instruction manual

For more information about any of the DAERA mobile apps, please contact us at or by telephone on 028 9442 6699 (Monday - Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm).

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