DAERAstats User Group

DAERAstats is a user forum, set up in February 2010, to encourage statistics users from outside the Department to engage with those within DAERA who collate and disseminate agricultural statistics.

Make-up of the group

The group consists of representatives from agricultural interest groups as well as members from the farming unions and financial sector.

DAERAstats members have the opportunity to discuss and influence statistical outputs and coverage as well as being kept up-to-date with developments initiated by the Department.

Terms of Reference


To enhance the value of DAERA statistical output through regular engagement with external users.


The group will bring users and providers of statistics together to discuss the relevance, quality and accessibility of outputs. Providers will outline methodological developments and showcase new products. Feedback on the compliance burden created by surveys and other issues connected with data collection will be encouraged.

The main elements of the group's work are to:

  • raise the profile of DAERA statistical output and services among current and potential users
  • review DAERA’s existing provision of statistics and discuss how emerging needs can be met
  • discuss new and revised methodologies, developmental work and National Statistics issues
  • maintain the confidence and cooperation of survey respondents

In these respects the group will:

  • receive briefing on key indicators, trends and analysis, the role of statistics and economics in the development of evidence based policy
  • consider existing statistical provision in order to identify possible gaps, redundant information and emerging needs
  • advise on the dissemination of statistics to ensure ease of access and ease understanding
  • provide feedback on customer satisfaction with data collection, outputs and services
  • discuss significant methodological changes and developments with National Statistics
  • comment on the annual DAERA statistical work programme

The group will meet at least annually (and more frequently if necessary) and a record of proceedings with action points will be maintained and published. Membership of the group will be defined in terms of organisations rather than individuals and will not be restrictive.

The following links provide updates, presentations and minutes from the annual meetings of the DAERAstats User Group.


Further information is available from:

DAERA Statistics and Analytical Services Branch
Dundonald House
Upper Newtownards Road
Belfast BT4 3SB

E-mail: Farmsurvey.PED@daera-ni.gov.uk

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