Ecological focus areas 2015

It is mandatory for claimants to the Basic Payment Scheme to comply with greening requirements. The three greening measures are permanent grassland, crop diversification and ecological focus areas (EFAs).

How to declare your Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) in 2015

In some circumstances you may be exempt from some or all of the these measures. If you are exempt you will not have to take any action and you will still receive your greening payment. Information about the greening requirements and how to work out if you qualify for an exemption can be found in the The “Guide to the Greening Payment 2015” booklet will be available here in due course.

If you do not qualify for an exemption and you have more than 15 hectares of arable land you will have an EFA requirement. This means that you must ensure that an area corresponding to at least 5% of your land designated as arable is EFA and you must declare the features you are using to meet your EFA requirement.

Note: You must submit a valid 2015 Single Application to claim Basic Payment Scheme and the Greening Payment. Your EFA declaration must be submitted in addition to this and the same time limits apply. For more information, see the Area-Based Schemes Application Process Questions and Answers document

Extension to the deadline for declaring your Ecological Focus Areas

DARD has provided clarification on the time limit for submitting your EFA Declaration for your 2015 Single Application.

EFA submission deadline extended

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In 2015 your EFA declaration will have two parts:

  • an outline map to be used to indicate the location of the EFAs you want to declare
  • a SAF4 which is a spreadsheet that will automatically calculate the value of each EFA based on the information you enter regarding the EFA type, eligible length/area and the rate of disposal

How to complete your EFA declaration 2015










  • Instructions on how to print a farm map

The rate of disposal will be 100 per cent for EFAs that are fully under your control or 50 per cent for EFAs you share with another farmer.




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