Advice and guidance for all affected businesses, in preparation for a scenario of EU exit “no deal”.

Plans for the event of an EU exit "no deal"

While leaving the EU with a deal is the UK Government’s preferred option, Plant Health Directorate (PHD) as a responsible authority, is preparing plans in the event of EU exit “no deal”. These plans are designed to protect Northern Ireland’s plant biosecurity while reducing the risk of major disruption to exports and imports of plants and plant products and to support continued trade with the EU in the event of EU exit “no deal”.

PHD recently sent an information pack to all known interested businesses and individuals. This pack consisted of a cover letter explaining the actions PHD are doing to prepare for the UK leaving the EU on the. This letter can be accessed by the following link

The pack also contained a document requesting permission to enable PHD to contact individuals with: plant or bee health information; invitations to plant or bee health events, or requests to provide views on plant or bee health policy developments. This request was combined with an EU Plant and Plant Products Trade Survey. It is essential that PHD have accurate figures on existing volume of trade with the EU in plants and plant products so that processes can be put in place to enable businesses to continue to export and import plants and plant products without disruption. The Information updates request and EU plant and plant products survey can be accessed on the below link.

The final document included is a flow diagram providing information for businesses on importing and exporting plants and plant products in the scenario of EU exit no deal. The flow charts can be accessed from the below link.

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