EUETS fees, charges and civil penalties

The 2020 Northern Ireland fees and charges relating to European Union Emissions Trading System permits are detailed in the table below:

Fees and charges

Charge category Category A
Less than 50kt per year
Category B
At least 50kt and no more than 500kt
Category C
more than 500kt
Permit application £1,502 £2,812 £6,717
Annual subsistence £2,863 £3,730 £4,585
Variation £475 £475 £475
Transfer £475 £475 £475
Revocation £756 £756 £756
Surrender £756 £756 £756
Allocation from New Entrant Reserve £1,258 £1,258 £1,258

An application for Retention of Allocation will be charged at £131 multiplied by the number of hours specified in the relevant notice.

Civil penalties

The 2012 regulations require you to pay a civil penalty if you do not surrender sufficient allowances to cover your reportable emissions by 30 April each year, and for various other breaches of your permit and monitoring plan.

The penalty is set by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme Directive, which has been implemented across every Member State in the European Union.

There is no discretion over whether or not to impose the civil penalty for failure to surrender allowances, however there is some discretion in relation to other offences.

For more information, please consult the 2012 GHG regulations, and the subsequent amendments.

Further information

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