Fishing Industry Task Force

The Fishing Industry Task Force has been established to examine present and imminent challenges facing the fishing industry and make recommendations to the department about what actions should be taken to ensure that fishing is sustainable and profitable in the long term.

Interim report

The Fishing Industry Task Force produced an interim report in December 2014.  

Reports of meetings

The Fishing Industry Task Force publishes reports of meetings.

Implementing the landings obligation

The landing obligation, often referred to as the discard ban, is a ban on discarding fish which are subject to catch limits, so that all catches must be brought ashore, except where they are subject to specific exemptions. This means that quotas now control what is caught at sea, rather than what is landed onshore.

Fleet Economics

Fishing Opportunites

Fishing opportunities are made up the amount of fish the fleet can catch, the Total Allowable Catch (TAC), and the amount of time the fleet can spend fishing, the fishing effort.


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