The Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme 2014-20 includes provision for a Food Processing Grant (FPG) scheme. This replaces the EU Processing & Marketing Grant Scheme (PMG) previously operated by DARD. An overview of the new Scheme can be found on pages 215 to 220 of the Programme document.

Improving the economic performance of the agri-food sector

Subject to the necessary approvals, FPG will seek to improve the economic performance and competitiveness of the agri-food sector through financial assistance for capital investment in equipment and buildings.  The main aims of FPG are likely to be to:

  • support businesses to improve their efficiency and reduce costs
  • improve the supply chain through better integration and collaboration between producers, processors and others in the food chain
  • support capacity building, growth, innovation and new product development
  • add value to local agricultural products
  • improve market capability of businesses

To be eligible for support it is anticipated that projects must concern the processing of agricultural products as covered in Annex 1 to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TEFU) (with the exception of fish and forestry products).  Some examples of primary agricultural products include fruit and vegetables, meat, eggs, cereals, dairy produce, flour, tea, sugar and animal or vegetable fats and oils.  

The Department is currently in the process of developing the fine detail of FPG.  Subject to the necessary approvals being obtained it is anticipated FPG will open for applications later in 2017.  

Further updates will be posted on this site over the coming months.
Please email if you would like your contact details to be added to our list of interested parties.

Please note: If you are considering a construction project it is recommended that you contact your local planning office at an early stage.

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