Forest Service woodland register

This page provides a summary of the Forest Service draft Woodland Register in the form of tables.

The tables provide a breakdown of woodland area (in hectares) by woodland type and by the proportion of that area managed by the Forest Service for each county in Northern Ireland.

The register is based on data taken from the Northern Ireland (NI) Woodland basemap. The Woodland basemap is compiled using a range of Geographioc Information (GI) datasets from statutory and non-statutory bodies.
The data has been categorised into three main woodland types:

  • broadleaf
  • conifer
  • mixed conifer/ broadleaf

Four further categories have also been included in the breakdown:

  • areas awaiting replant or natural regeneration;
  • open ground considered integral to the woodland; and
  • woodlands where the woodland type has not been recorded.
  • short rotation coppice

Data relating to woodland awaiting replant or natural regeneration are confined to Forest Service managed forests. 'Open ground' incorporates areas considered integral to the woodland such as unplanted areas adjacent to water courses or forest roads, ridelines or fire breaks. Woodland type is recorded as ‘unknown’ if neither woodland type or tree species were recorded in the original datasets.

The data has been categorised by county and by the 11 local government districts (at April 2015).

Data owner  -
Northern Ireland Forest Service, an agency of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD).
NI Forest Service Copyright 2013\

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