The aim of a NI Climate Change Bill is to to establish a long-term framework for future action on climate change to drive greater efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and so help ensure that Northern Ireland is better prepared to adapt to the impacts of unavoidable climate change.

Committee on Climate Change

When considering the introduction of a bill to the NI Assembly, the DOE Minister sought independent advice from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), a UK wide body established to:

  • advise the UK Government and devolved administrations on emissions targets
  • report to Parliament on progress being made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and for
  • prepare for climate change under the Climate Change Act 2008

CCC report

The CCC's report, "The Appropriateness of a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act", published in November 2011 set out the benefits of legislation.


The Department of the Environment issued a pre-consultation paper in March 2013 seeking public and stakeholder views on the value of Northern Ireland climate change legislation or a voluntary approach to emissions reductions. 

The pre-consultation exercise closed at the end of May 2013 and further discussions followed with a wide range of stakeholders. The discussions highlighted the need for more robust data and modelling work on greenhouse gas emissions data on the costs/benefits of investing in new technologies and processes to help deliver emission reductions.

Work is ongoing to address the key concerns around providing robust data and the possible impacts on the economy.

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