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Key Dates Information

Start your application early and submit it by 15 May to avoid any reduction or delay to your payment.

1 March to 2 May 2023                 Entitlement Transfer Service               

1 March to 15 May 2023              Single Application & Map Service*     

Environmental Farming Scheme payments cannot be claimed on your Single Application until early April 2023.  Please contact us for further information.

*Single Applications can be submitted up to 9 June, however Single Applications received between 16 May and 9 June will be penalised by 1% per day.  Applications for the Regional Reserve received between 16 May and 9 June will be penalised by 4% per day. Penalties are for each working day the application is late.

If you submit your Single Application by the 15 May you can add or remove land up to 31 May without penalty.

Any increases in land notified between 1 June and 9 June will be subject to a penalty.

REMEMBER – A separate additional application is required for Young Farmers’ Payment / Regional Reserve, Small Woodland Grant Scheme, or Environmental Farming Scheme if it is your first time applying for these schemes.  


Cross Compliance 

The term Cross-Compliance refers to the requirement for farmers to comply with a set of Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs) and keep their land in Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC)

Further Information on Cross Compliance can be found here 


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