Phytosanitary Export Certificate Online - PECOL

Phytosanitary Export Certificate Online - PECOL

Exports of certain plants and plant products to third countries may be prohibited by the importing country. Where exports are permitted, the regulated plants or plant products must normally be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate. This confirms that the regulated plants or plant products to which it relates have been officially inspected in the country of origin (or country of dispatch), comply with statutory requirements for entry into the importing country and are free from quarantine pests and diseases. It is the responsibility of the individual wishing to export the plant or plant related products to check with the importing (receiving) country what statutory requirements must be met to allow entry to that particular country. The importing country may issue you with an import permit which will list all the requirements clearly.

Business or individuals in Northern Ireland engaged in exporting regulated plants and plant material to third countries (countries outside of the European Community) will continue to require phytosanitary certificates during the EU Exit transition period. During this transition period, businesses and individuals will not require phytosanitary certificates to export regulated plants and plant products to EU Member States.

As it may be necessary to carry out certain checks before issuing a phytosanitary certificate, please submit an application at the earliest opportunity if considering an export.

PECOL is DAERA's new online application system for phytosanitary certificates which replaces the older paper based application method. DAERA will aim to provide the phytosanitary certificate within 10 working days of the online application being submitted.

If an inspection is not required, the certificate can be collected from the DAERA Direct office nominated on the application, after receiving email notification from DAERA. As this email contains the unique reference number for your phytosanitary certificate, you or a representative of your business must bring a copy of this email with you for verification purposes. This may be printed or on an electronic device.

Phytosanitary certificates, which are valid for 14 days, can also be posted if this has been requested at application.

To apply for a phytosanitary certificate it is essential to have a DAERA issued business ID number . If you do not already have a business ID number then please contact your local DAERA Direct Office to request one.

Prior to making an application you may wish to view the PECOL instructional video which can be accessed below.

PECOL can be accessed on the following link

Plant Health Inspection Branch have also developed an instructional video  for submitting an application which can be viewed by clicking the link below


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