Prohibitions and restrictions – Chilled meat products

Utilising the flexibilities available within the legislation and on the basis of risk assessments, for a period of six months, some chilled meats, which are usually prevented or restricted from entering the EU from Third Countries, can continue to enter NI from GB under the following conditions:

  • The meat products enter Northern Ireland through a designated Point of Entry and they are subject to channelling procedure applicable from the designated place to the destination supermarket in Northern Ireland;
  • They are sold exclusively to end consumers in supermarkets located in Northern Ireland, and they are not to be sold to other operators of the food chain;
  • They are accompanied by official certificates issued by the UK competent authorities (based on similar models already existing for fresh meat, minced meat and meat preparations); and
  • They are packed for end consumers, and they bear a label reading ‘These products from the United Kingdom may not be sold outside Northern Ireland’.

This period of six months is to be used by supermarkets in Northern Ireland to adjust their logistics and supply lines. At the end of this period these products will no longer be able to enter NI from GB.

Where non-compliance is detected within this six month period, traders will be subject to compliance action in line with milestones on the pathway to full compliance (as set out in Annex 4 of the Compliance Protocol).

Guidance for Authorised Traders Importing Prohibited & Restricted Chilled Meat Products to NI from GB

Guidance for Authorised Traders importing prohibited restricted chilled meat products to NI from GB

Does your consignment contain P&R goods?

To help you identify if your consignment contains P&R goods and to check the associated rules and requirements, see steps 2 and 3 of Export goods from the UK: step by step.


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