Registering with TRACES NT and how to create a Catch Certificate

As part of the documentary requirements for the movement of some fish and fishery products into Northern Ireland a catch certificate will be required alongside the Export Health Certificate (EHC). This declares that the fish were caught legally.

The importer must create an EU Login Account at this link if not already registered. This instructional video gives an overview of the process.

  • Then you can Request a new user access profile in TRACES NT
  • The profile you create must reflect your role and associated activities.
  • Once you are registered in EU Login, you can now log into TRACES NT and request a role that will allow you to access the application. You can select a role as Operator, Authority or Other body.        NB: If you represent a company you are an ‘Operator’ user. Operators must choose the Point of Entry (POE) to which they wish to be associated for registration purposes. 
  • You will now be able to import through a Northern Ireland Point of Entry (POE).
  • One of the requirements placed upon the NI Importer is that they must notify the NI POE 24 hrs in advance of the intended import. To do this they must complete a Common Health Entry Document (CHED) and part of this process is uploading the required regulatory documentation onto TRACES NT.

If you import wild caught fishery products, you will also need to use the CATCH element within TRACES NT.

  • To assist with the documentary checking at the NI POE, we are asking that the NI Importer creates a Catch Certificate on the CATCH element of TRACES NT using the Catch Certificate information supplied by the Exporter.
  • All essential information on how to upload an import catch certificate onto TRACES NT can be found at Launch an importer declaration. The full process can be found within this downloadable/printable CATCH User Manual - which includes brief descriptions of the program functions and capabilities and step-by-step procedures.

Update: 07.01.2021

It has come to DAERA’s attention that there is a delay in attaining full functionality of the CATCH element of TRACES NT, as set out above.

In the interim period, if you are importing wild caught fishery products to Northern Ireland, please upload the catch certificate information supplied by the exporter, directly into TRACES NT, along with the Export Health Certificate (EHC) and all supporting documentation, until a further update can be provided.

Please note: If you are exporting
fishery products from GB to Northern Ireland you will need to register on TRACES NT using a Northern Ireland or EU Member State address, otherwise you will be unable to complete the process.

 For further information you can also go to this link:



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