The POE checks for SPS regulated goods must be carried out in compliance with the Official Controls Regulation (OCR). However, given the complexity of supply chains, it is imperative that these checks are delivered in a way that enables goods and products to move as seamlessly as possible through NI POEs, avoiding any unnecessary delay.

This will be achieved by making full use of the flexibilities available within the OCR, minimising the checks required whilst still adhering to the legal framework. Using the following flexibilities available within the current legislative framework and on the basis of risk assessments, the commodity types listed below will, for a short period of time, either be subjected to a reduce rate of physical inspection or some of the required identity or physical checks will be deferred to a later time:

Retail (High Risk Food not of Animal Origin)

For a period of three months (until 31 March 2021), goods from certain food suppliers, approved by the UK as meeting a range of trust criteria, can enter NI from GB under the following conditions;

  • They are packaged for end consumers and bear a label reading ‘These products from the United Kingdom may not be marketed outside Northern Ireland’;
  • They are destined solely for sale to end consumers in supermarkets located in Northern Ireland, and they cannot be sold to other operators of the food chain;
  • They are accompanied by a simplified official certificate globally stating the products meet all the import requirements of EU legislation;
  • They enter Northern Ireland through a designated POE, where they are submitted to a systematic documentary check and to a risk-based identity check on the selection of terms in the means of transport; and
  • They are monitored through a channelling procedure at the designated POE.

This solution is not renewable. From 1 January 2021, traders will be expected to demonstrate a continuous improvement in their compliance performance and will be required to move towards full compliance by 1 April 2021.

Where non-compliance is detected, traders will be subject to compliance action in line with milestones on the pathway to full compliance (as set out in Annex 3 of the Compliance Protocol. These will be proportional to the risk, however, stricter measures for dealing with non-compliant consignments will be phased in over this timeframe.

Guidance For Authorised Traders During Three Month Grace Period

Detailed Guidance For Authorised Traders

STAMNI Compliance Declaration

  • Download The STAMNI Compliance Declarationalso known as “Scheme for Temporary Agri-food Movements to Northern Ireland (STAMNI) Compliance Declaration” – for Authorised Traders.
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