Rural White Paper action plan

The Rural White Paper Action Plan is the outcome of an Executive initiative led by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development which aims to identify and address the key issues and challenges facing rural areas.

The DARD Rural Strategy 2007-2013 sought to provide a strategic framework for rural development policy and to facilitate a more co-ordinated and co-operative approach to rural development over the period 2007-2013.

While the DARD Rural Strategy focussed on DARD’s role in relation to rural policy, the Programme for Government 2007-2011 contained a commitment to obtain approval from the Executive for the development of a Rural White Paper. It was recognised that while DARD had responsibility for rural development, other government departments had functions in respect of rural areas and therefore other departments would be required to contribute to the development of the Rural White Paper.

Rural White Paper action plan and progress reports.

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