Soil Nutrient Health Scheme now closed to farmers in Zone 1

The DAERA online services portal has now closed for registrations within Zone 1.
Farmers registered within Zone 1 will receive confirmation in late autumn time, of when the approved soil collection contractor RPS Group will be in their area to collect the soil samples from their fields.

Zone 2 farmers will likely be able to register in the summer of 2023. Information on when farmers within the other zones 3 and 4 can register will be provided in due course. See map below of each zonal area.

The SNHS information will also be very beneficial in helping farmers manage nutrient applications and know how much carbon is stored in their soil and biomass. The results will be available between 4 and 6 weeks after soil samples are collected from farms.

The information farmers will receive will include soil analysis results and farm maps: detailing the nutrient levels in each field; identifying fields prone to nutrient loss via run-off to waterways; and an estimation of the amount of carbon stored in their soils, hedgerows and trees. Training will be provided by CAFRE on Nutrient Management and the role of carbon on farms.

A set of Frequently Asked Questions is available for more information on the Scheme and also the Schemes Privacy notice.

Further information on the Scheme can be provided for farmers by contacting the AFBI SNHS Admin team by telephone (028 90 255212) or by email (

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