Welcome to Bioexclusion Advice: A DARD Webinar for Veterinary Practitioners. This webinar will provide you with the background to the bioexclusion advice which you give to farmers.

Vets distribute the DAERA TB Biosecurity Leaflet to farmers. This webinar gives the scientific background to advice contained within the leaflet.
By the end of this webinar you will have refreshed your knowledge of:

  • what biosecurity and bioexclusion mean
  • the scientific background to bioexclusion measures
  • the range of bioexclusion measures that can be used to reduce the risk of Bovine Tuberculosis entry to a herd

You will then be in a better position to advise your clients on bioexclusion.

The Webinar takes the form of the main Webinar video, which will take around 45 minutes to watch, an optional epidemiology and pathogenesis revision video, and 12 optional short videos providing further information on relevant topics. These can all be viewed below.

We hope you will find these informative and useful. If you have any comments, feedback or any further questions, please contact DAERA Veterinary Service at:

Email: VS.CommsUnit@dardni.gov.uk
Tel: 028 9052 0920

Please click below to begin the main webinar:

TB Bioexclusion Webinar for Private Veterinary Practitioners

Bovine TB Epidemiology and Pathogenesis Revision




Practical measures we can take to reduce badger-cattle contact

List of Disinfectants approved by DAERA for use in Bovine TB Control

Cleansing and disinfection of farm surfaces

Iodophors and synthetic phenols

Survival of M bovis in slurry

Survival of M bovis in silage, soil and faeces deposited on pasture

How does M bovis get into slurry?

Detection of M bovis in slurry


Chemical treatment of slurry

Anaerobic digestion of slurry

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