US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership Call in Agriculture

The US-Ireland Research and Development (R&D) Partnership Call in Agriculture 2016 is now closed from 16/06/16 for applications in the following three areas:

  • pests and beneficial species in agricultural production systems
  • animal nutrition, growth, and lactation
  • animal health and disease 

The following partner agencies will provide research funding in the Agriculture thematic area:

About AFRI

The Agricultural and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) is one of NIFA’s major competitive grant programs through which it addresses critical societal issues and it is under the 2016 AFRI Foundation Programme that US-Ireland tripartite applicants have an opportunity to compete for awards, but limited only to the scope of the three stated priority areas.

Application process summary

Republic of Ireland (RoI) and Northern Irish (NI) applicants in these tri-jurisdictional applications are required to obtain pre-approval from DAFM and DAERA respectively in advance of the formal submission of the combined application to the AFRI Call by the US Principle Investigator. The submission deadline to DAFM and DAERA of the application is 5 weeks in advance of the stated NIFA deadline for the respective thematic area in AFRI’s 2016 Foundation Competitive Grant Programme Requests for Applications, which has now been published.

Latest dates for submitting applications under the US-Ireland R&D Partnership Agriculture Call 2016

Thematic area in AFRI 2016 RFA DAFM/DAERA deadline NIFA deadline
Pests and beneficial species in agricultural production systems 16 June 2016 21 July 2016
Animal nutrition, growth and lactation 9 June 2016 14 July 2016
Animal health and disease 9 June 2016 14 July 2016

A ‘single-proposal, single-review’ mechanism will be facilitated by NIFA who will accept submissions from tri-jurisdictional (USA, NI and RoI) teams to the relevant parts of their existing funding programmes. To be eligible all proposals submitted under the auspices of the US-Ireland R&D Partnership must have research involvement from researchers in all three jurisdictions and these will compete with stand alone US-only applications in the three areas concerned.

More detailed information on the Agriculture Call 2016

More detailed information on how Irish-based applicants should proceed (including guidelines for applicants along with the relevant application forms to DAFM and DAERA) are available to download in the following documents:

Please note that both these documents have been updated from the previous versions published as the AFRI’s 2016 Foundation Competitive Grant Programme Request For Applications has now been published.

For further queries contact:

Dr Paul Devine, email:, tel: (+44) 28 9052 0821.

Background and overview of the US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership

The US-Ireland R&D Partnership is a tri-jurisdictional alliance between Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United States which was officially launched in 2006. Its aim is to promote collaborative innovative research projects which create value above and beyond individual efforts. Up to the end April 2016, thirty projects with a combined investment value of €52 million have been funded under the US-Ireland R&D Partnership and cover collaborations with 30 different U.S. Institutions. Intertrade Ireland provides support, and facilitates arrangements between the various funding partners involved in the US-Ireland R&D Partnership initiatives.

At the 13th meeting of US-Ireland R&D Partnership Steering Group held in November 2015 in Farmleigh House, Dublin, it was agreed on a pilot basis to extend the scope of the Partnership to include agriculture research focused on selected priority areas – this has resulted in Ireland and Northern Ireland based researchers being able to compete with US-based researchers in these areas on the 2016 AFRI Foundation Competitive Grant Programme.

Download a Factsheet on the US-Ireland R&D Partnership from DAFM website.

Additional general information on the US-Ireland R&D Partnership can be accessed at Intertrade Ireland.

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