Waste Programme Board and Waste Co-ordination Group

Information on the make up of the waste programme board and the waste co-ordination group, and the roles carried out by each.

Waste Programme Board

The Waste Programme Board was established in September 2010 and is a non-statutory advisory committee chaired by the Minister of the Environment.  The Board acts as a forum for oversight and strategic overview of implementation, and provides a means of holding to account the various responsible delivery bodies.

The Board is comprised of:

  • The Minister (Chair)
  • an elected representative from the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (Vice-Chair)
  • senior officials from the Department of the Environment, Department of Finance and Personnel, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • elected representatives from the regional Waste Management Groups
  • representatives from the construction, business and NGO sectors

The Board normally meets four times a year with additional meetings called if required.  The Board may establish sub-groups to consider specific issues of interest and report back with advice and recommendations.

Waste Co-ordination group

The Waste Co-ordination Group (WCG) is a non-executive advisory Group, established to support the objectives and remit of the Waste Programme Board.  It provides a forum for the discussion of key operational and policy issues pertinent to the statutory responsibilities of public sector waste and resource management bodies and facilitates the co-ordinated delivery of those responsibilities.  

The WCG is chaired by the DOE Deputy Secretary, Environment and Marine Group, and is comprised of lead officials and officers from Central and Local Government.  It held its inaugural meeting on 10 June 2014 and is scheduled to meet approximately eight times a year.  It replaces both the advisory Waste Infrastructure Programme Board (WIPB) and the Northern Ireland Landfill Allowance Scheme (NILAS) Implementation Steering Group.

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