Brexit food supply questions & answers

Technical Notices on Preparing for EU Exit from the GOV.UK website:

Will there be food shortages?

Based on our detailed work to date and overall assessment of the current position, we consider that:

  • there will not be an overall food shortage in Northern Ireland.  There is likely, however, to be a variation in the choice of some foods available, particularly impacting fresh produce.
  • some food prices are likely to increase.

Our engagement with industry indicates that there is significant resilience in food supply.

Should I stockpile certain types of food?

We are not planning for food shortages and therefore our advice is that there is no need to store additional food. 

What will happen to food prices as a result of a No Deal Brexit?

In the event of a disorderly EU exit a range of factors could result in an increase in price for certain types of food.  However, the position is not clear and will only become known as the situation post EU exit unfolds over time.

Will food be able to get to and move around NI?

We do not anticipate any disruption to the overall food supply to N.I.  

What support is DAERA offering to the local Agri-food industry?

We are working determinedly alongside industry stakeholders to identify and prioritise the key issues impacting the Agri-food sector.  The Department’s key focus in doing so is where possible, to support the  flow of Agri-food trade into and out of NI; support contingency planning by industry; protect public health, animal and plant health and the environment.  The Department is also working with retailers and representative bodies to encourage prudent contingency planning where that may be necessary.

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