By-ordnar Lay-oots

Steerins aboot hoo tae ax fer wittens fae us i a differ format ir leid. We ir committed tae maakin oor wittens es aisy gat es possible fer oor customers.

Forebye Inglis monie ither leids ir uised i Norlin Airlan, laike leids belangin tae here(Airish an' Ulster-Scots) minority ethnic leids (laike Polish an' Portugese) an' British an' Airish Signin' Leid. We wul leuk aa ither speirins tae gie important wittens i thae an' ither leids an' wul dae quhat we're fit tae help.

Fer thaim at dinnae see weill we're fit tae hae oor wittens pit oot i ither formats, gif thair bes need fer thon, - fer example i Braille, disc, audiocasette ir baag prent.

Get Oantae Us

We hope the wittens here ir o' uise tae ye.
Hooiniver, fer mair hefts ye can get oantae us bae tellyphone, fax, poast ir epoast.

Tellyphone 028 9052 4919
Textphone 028 9052 4420


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