Consultation on the transposition of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (1-50 megawatts) including the regulation of thermal electricity generators

Consultation opened on 21 June 2017. Closing date 16 August 2017.


Medium Combustion Plants (MCPs) are used to generate heat for large buildings, e.g.
• offices,
• hotels,
• hospitals,
• prisons,
• industrial processes, and
• for power generation.
The EU law on MCP aims to improve air quality by reducing the emissions of harmful air pollutants from MCPs.


Consultation description

This consultation paper seeks your comments on the Department’s proposed protections of air quality and human health through the bringing the EU law on MCP into NI law.

The DAERA consultation document can be viewed above. Please note that the second and third documents have been created by DEFRA and the GB Environment Agency respectively.

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