How to access DAERA online services

DAERA Online Services is a secure system. You must apply for authorisation before any information can be accessed on DAERA Online Services. Before you can apply to use DAERA Online Services you must have the following information:

Additional information

DAERA known facts letter

On application you will receive your DAERA known fact letter by post. The letter will include your DAERA access key and instructions on how to use it. Please leave 4 working days for delivery.

Customer ID

Your Customer ID is a 6 digit number beginning with 1 or 2. This number is often referred to as your IACS number or client reference number. It is not your Business ID, which begins with a 6. If you do not know your customer ID, please contact the Online Services Help desk.

A Government Gateway ID

A Government Gateway ID is a unique 12 digit number generated on application. The application requires your name, email address and a password of your choice (conditions apply). This number will be unique to you and can be used for other Government services such as VAT online.

If you already use a Government Gateway ID for a different Government service you can use it to login to DAERA Online services, but you will be asked for your DAERA Access key and Customer ID the first time you login.

Accessing DAERA Online Services for the first time

To sign into your DAERA Online services account for the first time, have your DAERA Access key and Customer ID ready.

  • apply for your Government Gateway ID (or use an existing Government Gateway ID). Take a note of your new Government Gateway ID and password. Keep it safe and secret.
  • choose the option “Enrol for DAERA Online Services”
  • enter your Customer ID and DAERA access key
  • choose "Enrol in Service"

If successful you will see your business details displayed at the top of the screen and the list of available DAERA Online services.

Once successfully enrolled, you will not be asked to enter your DAERA Access Key or Customer ID, for subsequent logins.

If you do not know your Customer ID or have any questions, please contact the DAERA Online Services helpdesk on 028 9442 6699 or

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