Information released by DAERA 2019

The table below summarises the requests received by the Department during 2019 which are considered to be of wider public interest.

To read the Department's response to each request click on the DAERA reference number.

Date received Summary of information requested DAERA reference number
06/08/2019 Details of budget and quality of lough's and rivers in NI DAERA/2019-0260
06/08/2019 Information regarding every NIEA investigation into water pollution from 2009/10 to 2018/19 DAERA/2019-0258
22/07/2019 Regarding Falconry Service, Belfast and NI School of Falconry – have they the acquired zoo licence and if not, why not? DAERA/2019-0251
13/07/2019 Details regarding DAERA staff Bonuses for 18/19 year DAERA/2019-0239
09/07/2019 A copy of the 'Brexit Gateway Review' report. DAERA/2019-0236
08/07/2019 Information regarding tigers (Panthera tigris) that are held in captivity in Northern Ireland DAERA/2019-0240
08/07/2019 Total number of livestock according to APHIS that were reported lost or stolen over last 3 years DAERA/2019-0235
04/06/2019 A list of all ongoing infringement proceedings brought by the European Commission against the UK where Northern Ireland is breaching / or has breached EU environmental directives. DAERA/2019-0192
02/06/2019 How much glyphosate based pesticides including Roundup® were administered/sprayed/applied onto agriculture land throughout Northern Ireland from 2015 -2019 DAERA/2019-0191
28/05/2019 Details and monetary amounts spent on the Redburn Country Park in the past 10 years DAERA/2019-0176
15/05/2019 A copy of 2018 / 2019 Freedom of Information (FOI) &  Environment Information Regulation(EIR) Logs DAERA/2019-0176
09/05/2019 Details of EU infraction proceedings and risks identified by DAERA for risk of future infractions DAERA/2019-0173
08/05/2019 The numbers of farmers in Northern Ireland broken down to each council area DAERA/2019-0171
14/04/2019 Information relating to poultry meat found to be unfit for human consumption DAERA/2019-0142
10/04/2019 Information on all enforcement actions and prosecutions relating to environmental pollution in 2016, 2017, and 2018. DAERA/2019-0140
05/04/2019 Details on Livestock Associated MRSA cases DAERA/2019-0133
18/03/2019 Information on licences issued  & refused, info on seizure of illegally held wild animals (where & when), logged escapes of wild animals  in last 5 years. DAERA/2019-0104




Details on all licenced (operation, in development and closed) AD, IVC and composting sites within Northern Ireland                                                         Follow up request - the annual throughput for the last year by facility (operation, in development and closed) AD, IVC and composting sites within Northern Ireland



14/03/2019 Requesting details on all licenced (operation, in development and closed) AD, IVC and composting sites within Northern Ireland DAERA/2019-0106
11/03/2019 Details of the gifts and hospitality register for the DAERA’s senior civil servants from January 1st 2018 to December 31st 2018. DAERA/2019-0097
07/03/2019 Info including copies of any meeting held, details of other agencies involved, any action taken to get vessel removed from Ballyhalbert harbour DAERA/2019-0108

Data held by NIEA in respect of food waste which is handled by permitted waste facilities in NI.To include: 1.environmental permits granted by NIEA,
2.tonnage of food waste permitted to be treated by different regulatory routes
3. tonnage of food waste currently managed  by different regulatory routes.

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