Information released by DARD/DAERA during 2016

The table below summarises the requests received by the Department during 2016 which are considered to be of wider public interest.

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Date Received

Summary of information

Reference number

25 May 2017

Since 2011, how many instances of antimicrobial resistance have been detected in livestock, broken down if possible by infection, i.e. salmonella, MRSA


Annex A

28 April 2016 Amount spent in 2015/16 financial year on travel DARD/2016-0099
27 April 2016 Details of Ministerial appointments sanctioned by the department, 2006 to date DARD/2016-0101
25 April 2016 Information on harvesting at Woodburn Forest DARD/2016-0100
05 April 2016 The cost of translators and translating documents 2010 to date. DARD/2016-0086
24 March 2016 Diseases associated with deer DARD/2016-0085
23 March 2016 Questions relating to animal welfare at Belfast zoo DARD/2016-0082
8 March 2016 Total value of Basic Farm payments, number of individual payments, range of value of payments etc.  DARD/2016-0055
19 February 2016 Information on deer numbers and deer culling over the past 5 years. DARD/2016-0047
18 February 2016 Information on revenue received for services rendered to film and television productions DARD/2016-0046
18 January 2016 Salaries relating to Minister, Senior Civil Servants and Ministers supporting staff. DARD/2017-0020
14 January 2016 Information on taxi and air travel fares for last 3 years - up to 31 December 2015 DARD/2016-0014
12 January 2016 Details on a car rally held in Slieveanorra on the 9th January 2016 DARD/2016-0015
07 January 2016 Information held on the bird register including bird type, bird production type and housing. DARD/2016-0009


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