The UK is preparing to leave the European Union (EU). There are two main options for leaving: with a ‘withdrawal agreement’ and a period of time to put necessary arrangements in place; or without an agreed deal.

On 23 June 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU. Since then, the UK (including Northern Ireland) has been making preparations to leave. This process is often known as 'Brexit’.

The Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS), including DAERA, has engaged in a significant programme of work which covers a range of issues that arise as a consequence of the UK leaving the EU. This work has included making amendments to   legislation, considering operational implications and stakeholder engagement.

DAERA is leading Northern Ireland (NI) Government work on Food Security and Agri-food Trade. It is fully engaged, along with other NI Departments (and UK Government counterparts), in refining its response structures/capability in advance Brexit.

Leaving the EU means your business or organisation may also need to prepare for change.

Delivering a deal negotiated with the EU remains the UK government’s top priority. With an implementation period until December 2020, this would give businesses and organisations stability, certainty and time to prepare for our new relationship after Brexit. However, businesses and organisations must plan for every possible outcome including no deal. Without a deal, you may need to take action before 31 October 2019.

The information set out on these pages is aimed at helping you to understand how leaving the EU may affect your business or organisation and what you can do to get ready.  

Due to the dynamic nature of this programme of work, the content of this section of the website is not an exhaustive source of information. It will be updated on an ongoing basis as and when further information becomes available.

Questions & answers

Advice and guidance in the form of questions & answers for a range of agricultural, environmental and rural matters.

Latest news

Latest news, publications and guidance notes in relation to Brexit

DAERA EU Exit information event

DAERA organised a series of information events across Northern Ireland to help agri-food businesses or traders who export or import, to prepare for a no deal Brexit. Presentations delivered at the events are available at the link below:

Brexit contacts

Should you need to contact DAERA with Brexit related issues, you should contact the appropriate Business Area using DAERA helpline numbers linked below. Your call will be managed and you will be put in contact with the appropriate member of DAERA staff.

Alternatively, you can contact the DAERA Brexit Communications Team at


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