Farm Support and Development: Co Design with Stakeholders

A co-design approach is the key tool being employed by DAERA to ensure achievement of the objectives of Future Farm Support and Development, meeting industry needs, ensuring buy-in, scale of uptake and scheme success.

Published in 2021, the Future Agricultural Policy Framework Portfolio charts the way forward to Future Agricultural Policy that better meets the needs of Northern Ireland. It takes into account views from key stakeholders from across food, farming and the environment from an engagement exercise in 2018.

A public consultation exercise on the associated Future Agricultural Policy Proposals opened for a period of 8 weeks on 21 December 2021 closing on 15 February 2022.  Officials completed analysis of the 339 consultation responses and developed recommendations, which Minister Poots duly considered.

On 24 March Minister Poots made an Oral Statement in the Assembly announcing 54 policy decisions on Future Farm Support and Development. The 54 policy decisions announced in March 2022 will provide schemes that are designed in Northern Ireland for our local needs. The resulting schemes will support farmers to continue to produce high quality, nutritious food whilst importantly, also reducing their environmental impact.

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The Agricultural Policy Stakeholder Group (APSG) brings together representatives across food, farming and the environment. APSG meetings have been held regularly since its inception and engagement with the group is ongoing on a regular basis. The purpose of the APSG is to ensure that stakeholder views are understood and properly considered during the development of Future Farm Support and Development. It provides a forum for dialogue between DAERA and key stakeholders at each key stage of the development process.  This co-design approach is focused on delivering the four key desired outcomes as set out in the Future Agricultural Framework Portfolio


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