The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs provides a range of statistics covering agriculture, environment, rural communities, animal health, fisheries, food and forestry in Northern Ireland.

A catalogue of all our data products, identifying those that have been designated as ‘National Statistics’, can be found on the GOV.UK Release Calendar.  A full list of our published statistics are available in our publications section.  For up-to-date reports, bulletins and other information, you can follow the DAERAStats Twitter account

An overview of Northern Ireland Agriculture and Environment is available in our compendium publications, listed below.

About DAERA statistics

Almost all of the statistics for agriculture and food are National statistics produced in accordance with the 'Framework for National Statistics'.  The DAERA statistics charter and pre-release access statement set out how we apply the National Statistics Code of Practice and related Protocols, and the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Order (Northern Ireland) 2009 to the wide range of DAERA statistics.

The exemption to the principle of confidentiality for statistical use has been authorised by the Chief Executive of NISRA and is published here in compliance with the Official Statistics Code of Practice.

DAERAstats User Group is a user forum, set up in February 2010, to encourage statistics users from outside the Department to engage with those within DAERA who collate and disseminate statistics.

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