Next Steps - Play your Part in Preventing Future Blooms

A Community Effort

DAERA is fully committed to protecting our environment and working with partners and stakeholders to ensure our waterways are healthy for biodiversity, the public and for animals. Whilst it is recognised that significant pieces of work are progressing, improvements in water quality will take a considerable period of sustained effort over many years, and DAERA and NIEA cannot deliver this on their own. Every person in Northern Ireland needs to consider how their behaviour impacts on the water environment. We all have a part to play in this long-term effort to positively contribute to a sustained improvement in the status of our water bodies.

What can you do and look out for?



Part of a community group or have an idea to improve water quality?

Find out about funding opportunities for community projects by contacting the Integrated Catchment Planning Team regarding the Water Quality Improvement Fund on

Get Involved

To learn how you can get involved in highlighting pollutants, drains and the environment visit: NIEA Yellow Fish | Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (

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