Online Agents

What tasks/information can an online agent access?

An online agent can access a farm businesses APHIS online account, Online Maps and eSAF facility. All the features of these services which are normally available to the herdkeeper will be available to the Online Agent. The herd keeper can choose which services (Aphis online, Online maps or eSAF) the agent can access.

Who can become an online agent?

Any member of the public can become an online agent. An online agent does not need to be a farm business owner.

How can I become an online agent?

To become an online agent please complete either 1 or 2 below:

  1. I am already a Customer with DAERA and have a DAERA Customer ID.  Please complete ‘Application to become an online agent form
  2. I am not a Customer with DAERA and do not have a Customer ID.  Please complete ‘New customer set up formandApplication to become an online agent form'

For further information, contact your local DAERA Direct office:

How do I nominate an agent to work on my behalf?

To work on behalf of a farmer an online agent must be authorised to do so. This authorisation is obtained by completing the authorisation forms linked below, ensuring that they are signed by both the farmer being represented and the agent the signed document must be returning them to DAERA online services team.

As a farmer what if I no longer require an agent to work on my behalf?

Simply inform DAERA online services team that you wish your business to be disassociated with the online agent.  

Services available to DAERA online services agents

Online maps/ SAF (Single Application Form):

An agent can complete and submit your application for:

  • Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) & Greening
  • Areas of Natural Constraint Scheme (ANC)
  • Northern Ireland Countryside Management Scheme (NICMS)
  • Organic Farming Scheme (OFS)
  • Farm Woodland Premium Scheme and Farm Woodland Scheme
  • application and registration process for Agricultural Waste Authorisations and
  • view and measure your online farm map

APHIS online

An agent can register animals and retrieve animal information on your behalf:

  • register cattle births, deaths and stillborns.
  • produce movement notification of cattle moving off your herd to market, abattoir or farm.
  • confirm cattle movements into your herd.
  • view and download your herd list including information about your animals DAERA statuses, TB & Br test results and export eligibility.
  • view movement and progeny history of every animal in your herd
  • view post and ante mortem details of slaughtered animals.
  • produce a report to count and classify your animals in accordance with the Nitrate Action Programme

BovIS – Bovine information system

An agent can access your BovIS information including:

  • carcase benchmarking
  • Bovine Growth Rate Calculator
  • Bovine Greenhouse Gas Calculator (dairy/beef)

CAFRE Farm Business Planner

An agent can access the farm business planner application and complete a farm business plan on your behalf. The agent will be able to enter data for a 5 year period, including information for both before and after a potential investment to produce a business plan.

Details required include:

  • enterprise gross margin information
  • fixed cost, finance and other income data
  • stock valuations

The business plan will help you determine the feasibility of an investment and how worthwhile the investment might be.

Agent authorisations forms

DAERA online services contact details:

Tel: 0300 200 7840
email your local DAERA Direct Regional office.


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