11/3/10 - An evaluation of interferon-gamma (IFN-g) testing for bovine TB in Northern Ireland.

Departmental project code11/3/10
Provider project code44700
Project date05 January 2011
Project duration
3 Years
Project statusOngoing

The aim of this project is to evaluate the blood based interferon-gamma (IFN-g) test for bovine tuberculosis as it is currently used in NI. The study includes an evaluation of factors that influence test result such as animal age, sex, and breed as well as herd factors such as bovine TB test history and size.  To achieve this, laboratory and animals data have been extracted from APHIS and laboratory records and are being analysed to describe the relative numbers of animals testing positive categorised by sex, age and production type using more than one test cut-off.  These results have been compared to the skin test results using both standard and severe interpretations.  Test results have also been compared to post mortem findings to assess the relative performance of each test and combination of tests.  

The project consists of a series of different epidemiological outputs. These include a multivariable analysis of risk factors affecting the likelihood of post-mortem positive result to bovine tuberculosis under field conditions in Northern Ireland; estimates of sensitivity and specificity of SICTT, gamma interferon test and meat inspection using Bayesian latent class modelling and a survival analysis of skin test negative/gamma interferon positive and negative animals that remain on-farm.

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Principal investigator/researcher:

Angela Lahuerta-Marin, J. McNair, M. Allen 

Email: angela.lahuerta-marin@afbini.gov.uk


  • AFBI – Veterinary Sciences Division (VSD) 
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