Marine Licence ML 38_18 Holywood Exchange Dredge

Date published: 06 April 2020

Last updated: 28 November 2022

Northern Ireland Railways requires essential infrastructural maintenance on the Belfast to Bangor line at a bridge adjacent to Holywood Exchange Retail Park. Works consist primarily of silt dredging, approx. 100 metric tonnes. The works comprise dredging excess silt deposits from the channel invert beneath the structure. The material dredged from site will not be disposed of in the sea, but removed and taken to a landfill.


Proposal Description

Reference: ML 38_18
Project Type: Dredge (Capital)
Location: Holywood Exchange
Coordinates: 54.620779 -5.860229
Project Description: Dredge work at Hollywood Exchange railway
Applicant: Translink
Status: Expired
Date Issued: 20/03/2019
Licence Start Date: 20/03/2019
Licence End Date: 14/03/2020

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