Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) - John Thompson and Sons Ltd. (Thompsons) Prosperity Agreement

Date published: 27 July 2015

An agreed framework based on joint business aspirations towards long term prosperity between Thompsons and Northern Ireland Environment Agency.


Thompsons and Northern Ireland Environment Agency agreed to put in place a framework based on the following joint aspirations to enable Thompsons to move their business further towards long-term prosperity through improved environmental outcomes:

  • developing and applying new technologies, products and technical services of staff in order to deliver continual improvement in manufacturing efficiency,on farm feed production efficiency and farming practice resulting in improving agricultural and environmental outcomes
  • working together to seek sustainable solutions and promote better regulation in support of the Agri-Food Sector 'Going for Growth' Strategic Action Plan
  • working in collaboration with the supply chain, other stakeholders and the community to influence environmental outcomes
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