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The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has published the first (provisional) estimate for farm incomes in 2022.  Revisions have been made to previous years.

Published 27 April 2023Statistical reports

Appointment of Chair of the Board of Northern Ireland Fishery Harbour Authority (NIFHA) candidate information and application form documents.

Published 27 April 2023Guidance literature

These documents provide useful advice and guidance in relation to commercial export of pets and have been updated to take account of the Animal Health Law Regulation for EU Trade.

Published 25 April 2023Guidance literature

Water pollution occurs when harmful substances such as chemicals, excessive nutrients or microorganisms cause an impact on a waterbody such as a stream, river, lake, ocean or aquifer.

Published 25 April 2023Promotional material

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs collates milk quality statistics on behalf of the Northern Ireland dairy industry. These are based on returns made by milk purchasers to the Department.

Published 25 April 2023Statistical reports

Northern Ireland milk price statistics show the average producer prices for raw milk sold off farm and the volume of raw milk collected from Northern Ireland farms from 2000 onwards.

Published 14 April 2023Statistical reports

How to prepare for when your birds can be let outside

Published 13 April 2023Guidance literature

Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) is one of the most challenging issues faced by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs and the cattle farming industry in Northern Ireland.  The cost of bTB to the public purse is in excess of £50 Million per annum and

Published 05 April 2023Forms

Animal feed statistics are based on surveys and provide information on the quantities of feed used in Northern Ireland on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. 

Published 31 March 2023Statistical reports

Minutes of meetings of the EDSG for 2023.

Published 24 March 2023Agendas and minutes

Statistics provided by the Veterinary Service Animal Health Group of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) in relation to the testing for and, incidence of, Tuberculosis in Cattle.

Published 16 March 2023Statistical reports

This report presents the headline findings for the Survey on Ocean Literacy in Northern Ireland.

Published 08 March 2023Guidance literature

DAFM Research call 2023-DAERA Pre-approval template

Published 06 March 2023Guidance literature

DAFM Research call 2023-DAERA Supported topics

Published 06 March 2023Guidance literature

This publication presents a range of physical and financial performances for each of the main farm enterprises against which producers can assess, the performance of their own enterprises.

Published 02 March 2023Statistical reports

Exporters Declaration

Published 02 March 2023Guidance literature

This publication presents results of the Agricultural and Horticultural Census Northern Ireland for June 2022.

Published 28 February 2023Statistical reports

DAERA LA FCCO Bulletins 2023

Published 27 February 2023Guidance literature

Agenda, minutes and accompanying papers following the DAERAstats User Group meeting on 25 November 2022.

Published 23 February 2023Statistical reports

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