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Guidance leaflet providing advice on recognising the signs of Aujeszky's disease and what to do if you suspect your herd is affected.

Published 10 February 2012Guidance literature

A report showing housing land availability together with the extent of housing development for settlements across Northern Ireland

Published 09 February 2012Corporate reports

Minutes of monthly meetings in 2011.

Published 06 February 2012Agendas and minutes

The information sheet - Root Knot Nematodes gives details of the species that may cause problems in the future to local farming.

Published 04 February 2012Guidance literature

This web based report presents statistics relating to water pollution incidents throughout Northern Ireland investigated by, or on behalf of, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency during 2010.

Published 03 February 2012Corporate reports

Application form for a licence to abstract or impound water

Published 03 February 2012Forms

An information leaflet produced by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and Water Pollution about improving water quality.

Published 30 January 2012Guidance literature

Why you should help to improve water quality in your local area and what you can do to assist.

Published 30 January 2012Guidance literature

Regulations outlined to take effect by the Statutory Rules of Nothern Ireland.

Published 30 January 2012Legislation and regulations

 A Guide for Licence Applicants.

Published 30 January 2012Guidance literature

Exemptions from licensing in the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 relevant in Northern Ireland Coastal Waters.

Published 30 January 2012Guidance literature

Water pollution incidents and enforcement, annual report data for 2010.

Published 27 January 2012FOI/EIR responses

An annual compendium of environmental indicators for 2012 covering eight key themes: demography and public opinion, air and climate, water, marine, land, biodiversity, built heritage and waste.

Published 26 January 2012Statistical reports

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) has published the provisional figures for farm incomes in 2011.

Published 25 January 2012Statistical reports

This guidance details the responsibilities placed on a bathing water operator, by the revised European Union Bathing Water Directive and the Quality of Bathing Water Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2008.

Published 20 January 2012Guidance literature

This is a quarterly publication which contains provisional figures for July to September 2011 on the key measurements of municipal waste for district councils and waste management groups in Northern Ireland.

Published 19 January 2012Statistical reports

Compliance record of Northern Ireland bathing waters from 1996 to 2011.

Published 18 January 2012Statistical reports

Upper Neagh Bann Catchment Stakeholder Group Meeting 18th May 2011 - Minutes 

Published 17 January 2012Agendas and minutes

Upper Neagh Bann Catchment Stakeholder Group Meeting 10th November 2011: minutes; area pollution update; water quality issues presentation; water quality planning presentation.

Published 16 January 2012Agendas and minutes

Letter issues to farmers providing advice and guidance in relation to minimising the risk to those who work with cattle.

Published 12 January 2012Notices

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