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Salmon and Inland Fisheries Forum (SIFF) - minutes of meetings held in 2010

Published 31 December 2010Agendas and minutes

DOE guidance document for the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010.

Published 06 December 2010Guidance literature

This annual publication focuses on municipal waste in Northern Ireland for 2009/10 and trend data over recent years. Data are broken down by district councils and waste management groups.

Published 02 December 2010Statistical reports

Mid term evaluation of the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme (NIRDP) 2007 - 2013

Published 30 November 2010Independent reports

This document provides a succinct summary of all requests to introduce an alien species or to translocate a locally absent species as detailed in the  "Application Record" document in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) No 708/2007

Published 15 November 2010Lists and registers

AWB grading and rates of pay guidance in Portuguese.

Published 11 November 2010Guidance literature

AWB grading structiure and rates of pay guidance in Polish.

Published 11 November 2010Guidance literature

Polycyclic-Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in tyres

Published 31 October 2010Guidance literature

This is a quarterly publication which contains provisional figures for April to June 2010 on the key measurements of municipal waste for district councils and waste management groups in Northern Ireland.

Published 14 October 2010Statistical reports

All records - including any veterinary prescriptions where they are provided - must be kept in a permanent and legible form for at least five years following the administration or disposal of the product, even if the animals concerned have been sold or slaughtered or have died

Published 27 September 2010Forms

Application form to survey a site designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 in Northern Ireland.

Published 23 September 2010Forms

This annual statistical bulletin provides headline figures on greenhouse gas emissions for Northern Ireland 1990-2008 by source sector and end-user.

Published 07 September 2010Statistical reports

Treating farmyard dirty water using constructed wetlands - research conducted by AFBI to assess the ability of constructed wetlands to treat dirty water and, in particular, whether they prevent nutrient pollution.

Published 06 September 2010Research and analysis

DARD's children and your people action plan sets our the departments proposd work during the period 2011-2013.

Published 26 August 2010Policy papers

This certificate should be completed in line with the transportation of breeding/production cattle.

Published 16 August 2010Forms

This certificate should be completed in line with the transportation of animals for importing.

Published 16 August 2010Forms

The imported animals must also be accompanied by this supplementary certificate signed by a Private Veterinary Practitioner.

Published 11 August 2010Forms

Application for trade effluent and site drainage discharge consent WO1 Annex 2.

Published 02 August 2010Forms

Application for discharge consent for fish farming effluent WO1 Annex 4.

Published 02 August 2010Forms

Application for consent to discharge sewage effluent WO1 Annex 5.

Published 02 August 2010Forms

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