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Microbiological results for Waterfoot bathing water 2006 to 2011.

Published 11 January 2012Statistical reports

Microbiological results for Portrush (White Rocks) bathing water 2006 to 2011.

Published 11 January 2012Statistical reports

Environmental Policy Statements for the Northern Ireland Evironment Agency

Published 10 January 2012Policy papers

Native Species Planting Guidance

Published 09 January 2012Guidance literature

The exemption to the principle of confidentiality for statistical use has been authorised by the Chief Executive of NISRA and is published here in compliance with the Official Statistics Code of Practice.

Published 06 January 2012Statistical reports

Abstraction data return form which may be completed and emailed or posted to the Abstraction and Impoundment Licensing team.

Published 04 January 2012Forms

Enforcement notices issued during 2012 by the Drinking Water Inspectorate

Published 01 January 2012Notices

Application for a Health Certificate to Export Bees (Within the European Community)

Published 31 December 2011Forms

Minutes of the Salmon and Inland Fisheries Forum (SIFF) meetings in 2011

Published 31 December 2011Agendas and minutes

In December 2011, the Greenhouse Gas Implementation Partnership (GHGIP) published its Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy and Action Plan 'Efficient Farming Cuts Greenhouse Gases'.

Published 20 December 2011Policy papers

Environmentally Sensitive Areas Scheme and Countryside Management Scheme explanatory booklet 2000-2006

Published 19 December 2011Guidance literature

Guidance for district councils and operators on permitting industrial installations under Local Air Pollution Prevention and Control (LAPPC)

Published 15 December 2011Guidance literature

This annual publication focuses on municipal waste in Northern Ireland for 2010/11 and trend data over recent years. Data are broken down by district councils and waste management groups.

Published 08 December 2011Statistical reports

Badgers & Development

Published 06 December 2011Guidance literature

This guidance describes the scope, regulatory and technical requirements of the Waste Incineration Directive (WID) and how they should be interpreted and applied.

Published 06 December 2011Guidance literature

This document provides information and guidance including evidence supporting cattle-to-cattle transmission of TB, how TB is transmitted between cattle as well as looking at what factors affect cattle-to-cattle transmission.

Published 23 November 2011Research and analysis

This document provides information and guidance on the review of badger-to-cattle transmission of TB.

Published 18 November 2011Research and analysis

A key recommendation of the Commission’s Review of the Effectiveness (2008) of the statutory Section 75 duties was that public authorities should undertake an audit of inequalities by examining their functions and how these relate to the promotion of equality and good re

Published 14 November 2011Consultation reports

Report from the committee on climate change on the appropriateness of a Northern Ireland climate change Act

Published 07 November 2011Research and analysis

Upper Foyle Catchment Stakeholder Group e-newsletter: Issue 1.

Published 01 November 2011Circulars

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