Representations acknowledgement (P0552/16A and WML32/05) – Limavady Pig Farm

PPC Application (P0552/16A) related to Limavady Pig Farm (Planning Ref: B/2015/0005/F) and waste management licence application (WML32/05) related to anaerobic digester (Planning Ref: LA01/2017/0785/F).

A large volume of correspondence has been received in respect of the above Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) permit and Waste Management licence applications.  The Department has therefore taken the decision not to write individually to each person who made a representation but to inform them by notification on the DAERA website.  Those who have written to the Department are asked to regard this notice as confirmation of receipt of their representation.  Please note that the planning references quoted relate to planning applications; Causeway Coast and Glens District Council are responsible for making decisions on these planning applications.  Any representations relating to planning applications should be directed to the relevant local planning authorities.

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