When exporting a balai, zoo or exotic animal such as a lion, gorilla, alpaca, camel, certain captive birds or a kangaroo the rules you must follow will depend on the country you are exporting to.

Before you start

Exports to European Union (EU) Member States

To obtain an Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate (ITAHC) to export your animal to an EU Member State complete the application form and submit it to your local DAERA office.

Exporting to GB and countries outside the EU

You can obtain the EHC application via the Defra form finder.  Guidance on using the tool is available in the DECOL exporter’s instructions at the link below:

If you need digital help to complete an application for an Export Health Certificate (EHC) please contact your regional DAERA Direct Office for assistance.

If there is insufficient space on the EHC application to record full product details you need to complete a schedule and submit this with your application. The schedule and instructions for completion are available using the link below:

You should review the Notes for Guidance (NFG) for each certificate (available via the Defra Form Finder) to ascertain if import permits or importing authority approvals are also required.  Where they are these should be obtained from the importing authorities prior to applying for an EHC and uploaded along with all other application documents via DECOL.

The NFG may also advise you need to complete an Owner/exporter declaration.  Where one is needed template declaration is available at the link below:

If you need further assistance completing your declaration please contact your DAERA Regional office for assistance.

Start your Export Health Certificate Application

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