Information required for consultation with DAERA

Advice on the type and detail of information required by DAERA to respond to planning consultations.

The type and detail of information we require will vary depending on the scale and complexity of the development proposal, and on the potential risks to the environment.

The following information aims to provide clarity to planning authorities on the detail we require to provide a substantive response and which, as a result, should minimise delays incurred through requests for additional information during the consultation process.

Comprehensive applications which include sufficient information for DAERA to assess the potential environmental impacts of a development proposal will assist timely decision making and provide a more streamlined consultation process.

Applicants and agents may also find this guide helpful in assisting them to identify relevant documentation that should accompany the planning application.

Information has been categorised by key environmental issues that may result from a development and by common development types, as listed below.


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Access to information

How to request information from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs including Freedom of Information (FOI), Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) and the use of our Publication Scheme.

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