Transporting live animals to the EU after EU Exit - Brexit questions & answers

Technical Notices on Preparing for EU Exit from the GOV.UK website:

I’m authorised by DAERA to transport livestock – what do I need to do to continue to transport livestock to the EU after 12 April 2019?

When the UK leaves the EU, the EU will no longer recognise specific transport authorisations issued in the UK that are required for transporting live animals.  This includes transport authorisations issued by DAERA.

Transporters wishing to move live animals from Northern Ireland to the EU would need to appoint a representative within an EU country and apply to the relevant Government department there to obtain a valid:

  • Transporter Authorisation
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Vehicle Approval Certificate

Journey logs would need to be obtained from the EU country that is the initial point of entry into the EU.

Will my current DAERA issued transport authorisation and documentation be valid for transport within the UK?

Yes, all DAERA issued transport authorisations / documentation will remain valid for transporting livestock within the UK.

So do I need two sets of documentation?

Depending on the length of your route and your ultimate destination, you may need two sets of documentation.  All DAERA issued documentation will be valid for transport within the UK only. For exporting live animals to the EU, you will need to obtain additional documentation from an EU member state which is valid for transport within the EU.

Why am I only just learning this? Why has Government left it so late to explain these changes?

Over the course of August, September and October 2018, the UK Government published a series of technical notices. The latest guidance on preparing for a No Deal scenario can be found in the technical notices:

I am exporting horses. Do I require any additional documentation?

The UK Government has issued the following information on taking horses out of the UK:

Q&A’s on exporting horse can be found by clicking here.

Do I need any other certificates or approvals to transport livestock, for example?

For all queries relating to heavy goods vehicle licences, please contact the Department of Infrastructure, Northern Ireland. Further information on operating a goods vehicle in the EU after exit, please refer to the following technical notice:

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